Relativ Privacy Notice

Relativ Group respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your private information secure and confidential. We collect and process your information (including third parties such as beneficiaries) mainly to provide you with access to our services and products, to help us improve our offerings to you. By sharing this information, you warrant that this information is accurate and correct and you have received permission to share this information with us for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice or any other related purposes. The type of information we collect will depend on the purpose for which it is collected and used. We will only collect information that we need for that purpose.

The Protection of Personal Information Act, Act No. 4 of 2013 (POPIA), which is effective from 1 July 2021, aims to protect the personal data of all persons and further outlines how institutions should safeguard, collect, process, store, share and manage this information.

As Relativ, we are committed to taking all reasonably practical actions to protecting your privacy and ensuring transparency in how we handle your data.