Our Approach

Building trust rests on the ability to define, deliver and communicate the significance of the impact you promise and practise

Impact management, resource mobilisation and strategic communications. Harnessing these three capabilities are fundamental to achieving positive, ongoing and increasing impact.

The strategic frameworks of the Theory of Change, Shared Value, Jobs-to-be-Done and our proprietary models are woven into our solutions, tools and training.

Impact Management & Measurement

What and how you measure, matters. Whether you are on the implementation or investment side, effective impact management and measurement is an integral asset for your strategy and work.


Impact Strategy

  • Facilitation of strategic planning (using theory of change & Impact Management framework and other complementary approaches)
  • Support to monitor and track impact strategy to actual results on an ongoing basis to help inform decision-making and management.

Impact Measurement

  • Develop a measurement framework – prioritising outcomes, selecting meaningful metrics to support impact insights & track progress towards  planned objectives
  • Develop, test and refine tools to support implementation of measurement framework.
  • Enhancements to current internal data management (to ensure data protection, quality & timeous availability on an ongoing basis & within monthly & programme reporting lifecycles).

Engagement Metrics

  • Support review of existing stakeholder database, tools used, facilitation of database enhancement & segmentation for targeted communications.
  • Collection and recording of stakeholder engagement and social media stats on a monthly basis.
  • Insight and recommendations for ongoing improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Planning, coordination and collection of relevant feedback from a range of stakeholders through qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Collation and preparation of stakeholder feedback reports, to be shared with program and core implementing partners to help their learning & implementation adaptation and improvement.

Capacity Strengtheninig

  • Internal team engagement to support implementation of internal reflection
  • Recording feedback on program implementation & progress.

Due Diligence

  • Sourcing, screening, assessment and due diligence of prospective partners (investors and implementers) against your strategy and mandate. We apply a range of capacity assessment tools, audits and scorecard approaches to find partners that fit your needs.

Surveys & Research

  • Design, planning, coordination and analysis of impact surveys and research in conjunction with existing auditors and service providers, where required.

Impact Reports

  • Preparation of a range of visually engaging reports to communicate progress and results to stakeholders
  • Development of impact statements structuring your data based on the chosen impact frameworks.

We are energized by the recent developments and momentum over the last decade in the transition from an “M&E”, compliance mind-set, to collaborative efforts and consensus-building to put impact at the heart of what we do. The shift in language to impact management is a useful framework and a lens through which to better understand our contexts, plan our work, provide the blueprint to learn what’s working, and evaluate how and where to improve.

Resource Mobilisation

To maximise our clients’ resource mobilisation strategies, we provide technical assistance for investors, organisations and donors. Our aim is to guide our clients towards diversifying their revenue streams and broadening their arsenal of fundraising tools and platforms to ensure sustainable returns.  Our proprietary relational approach, using the Virtuous Value Chain, has proved that understanding and leveraging stakeholder assets leads to sustainable value creation and asset growth.

The Virtuous Value Chain

We focus on discovering key insights from organisations and their stakeholders, while leveraging comprehensive knowledge from research and industry experts to ensure that our clients can realise the full potential of both their purpose and their people.

Strategic Communications

An effective strategy begins with the formulation of a compelling goal and an understanding of the audiences one hopes to reach. Skilled and strategic storytelling can powerfully connect this audience through content, creativity, timing and technology. We partner with our clients to develop, distribute and measure the impact of their stories. Then in association with our partners, we package our client’s impact metrics through platforms and publications to meet both reporting and community building requirements.

We believe in the power of sharing ideas, experience and knowledge to shape the present and future we want to see. We support sector efforts through platforms for engagement, shaping pioneering practice and the discovery of game-changers, including Collaboration Dialogue, futureperspectives, Women in Philanthropy and The Resource Alliance.