Our Solutions

We tailor our solutions to fit each client’s unique requirements,

resources and context.

Despite this tailored approach, our goal is always the same: to maximise impact, clearly communicate key learnings and leverage your success for sustainability and scale.

Impact Strategy

We facilitate the strategic planning and development of your own Theory of Change. This will then serve as the clear roadmap that guides all your impact management processes and practices. But we don’t stop there. We also offer ongoing support to monitor and track your impact strategy to ensure actual results and to help inform decision-making and management.

Impact Measurement

Based on the blueprint of your Theory of Change we can develop, test and refine your measurement framework—prioritising outcomes, selecting meaningful metrics to support your impact insights and tracking progress towards your planned objectives. This can include gap analysis, metric mapping, benchmarking and standard alignment.

Stakeholder Engagement

When required, we are well-versed in the planning, coordination and collection of relevant feedback from a range of stakeholders through qualitative and quantitative approaches. This includes the collation and preparation of stakeholder feedback reports that aim to increase and encourage ongoing learning for all relevant stakeholders.

Engagement Metrics

Let us review your existing stakeholder database and the tools used in order to facilitate database enhancement and relevant segmentation for targeted communications. We can collect and record all stakeholder engagement and social media stats on a monthly basis, as well as provide ongoing insights and real-time recommendations for ever-greater levels of engaging, positive impact.

Capacity Strengthening

We believe in strengthening teams and building capacity to respond to changing contexts and demands. Our solutions are thus designed and geared towards enhancing your impact and transferring our skills, as and when your internal team feels ready to fly on their own.

Data Collection, Analytics & Insights

We source and partner with leading technology providers to support efficient, evidence-based data analytics. We are passionate about analysing data to explore and uncover key impact insights that help drive enhanced decision-making and programme design.

Resourcing & Due Diligence

Social and environmental change is complex and typically involves multiple stakeholders to achieve the right results. We can assist you in identifying, sourcing and vetting the right partners to invest in, or, who to approach to invest in you. We apply a range of capacity assessment tools, audits and scorecard approaches to find partners that align with your purpose.

Reports & Communications 

We are adept at creating a wide range of visually engaging reports to communicate progress, insights and results to stakeholders. Our passion is to mine the information at hand to find actionable insights for positive change that are accessible, engaging and visually interesting.

Resource Mobilisation

We integrate innovative outcomes-based approaches to develop the kind of resource mobilisation strategies that lead to fit-for-purpose plans and real change.

Partners and Memberships