Our Process

Each of our solutions is shaped by the specific requirements of our clients and their context

Through collaborative interaction with our clients and partners we work together to devise a phased plan to optimise the competing demands of time, quality and resources.

PHASE I: Plan and Design

  • Inception phase engagement & consultation with your team to finalise scope of work & deliverables through a Theory of Change workshop.
  • Collaboration & co-creation with team leads to design & plan an impact framework & prioritise outcomes supported by meaningful metrics to yield rich impact insights.
  • Demo best practice data platforms for impact data monitoring, consolidation and visualisation.

PHASE II: Develop, Test & Refine

  • Develop relevant impact data toolkits to answer key research questions, within current context of COVID- employing technology solutions for data collection.
  • Test & refine all tools and solutions for context, team and available resources to ensure the research design is able to provide the insights required.

PHASE III: Implement & Collect Data

  • Support implementation of impact management framework and toolkits, conducting primary data collection with stakeholders (internal & external), critics & unusual suspects.

  • Secondary data and content gathering from key stakeholders (internal and external from key staff and partners) and publicly available resources and best practice cases.

PHASE IV: Analyze, Reflect & Compile

  • Collate, analyse and aggregate results from the data sources – summarise key learnings and impact insights (positive and negative).

  • Prepare and package report(s), including scorecards, data visualizations and dashboards in accordance with impact management framework and target audiences 

  • Receive and incorporate feedback on draft report(s); finalise and submit accordingly.

PHASE V: Share, Learn & Improve

  • Present reports & recommendations at events and workshop with key team and decision-makers.
  • Facilitate key team engagement with and reflection on the results to discover new insights to enhance strategic decision-making and improve practice and results for future programming and implementation (enhancing positive outcomes and managing/mitigating negative outcomes).

We work closely with our partners to design appropriate strategies, action plans, measurement frameworks and tools to match their needs. We give support in the testing of tools and approaches, refining and enhancing these for ideal use. We assist teams to implement monitoring plans, while analysing and packaging insights and learning to enhance design and practice.